VACOMASS® flow meter
The air flow meter of VACOMASS® series work with thermal dispersion technology. They measure the gas mass flow respectively gas flow directly at standard conditions, not depending on gas pressure and temperature. Temperature compensation is automatically included. The VACOMASS® flowmeter are field transmitter for flow measurement of various gases at process temperatures up to 130°C and gas pressures up to 10 bar. The flow meter is positioned directly in front of the control valve and can work regardless of straight inlet and outlet pipe length as well as gas pressure and gas temperature. The electronics of the COMBIMASS® is located in a compression-proof dual compartment stainless steel enclosure (316 TI). The system software and parameters are especially configurated for monitoring, balancing and control applications. They can be used for a turn-down ration of up to 1:100 without any loss in accuracy. Reproducibility is better than +/- 0,5% or reading. Additionally a hot tapping unit can be used for mounting the sensor onto the gas pipe and easy disassembly/assembly of the sensor during operation.